Gas 3.1

Find lowes gas prices in the US


  • Works with Gas Price Watch
  • Cool animations and skins
  • View preferred grades
  • Links to Google Maps


  • Some bugs when searching by ZIP code
  • Doesn't always locate best gas prices

Very good

If you're worried about the hiking gas prices, the Gas widget will help you find the nearest and cheapest gas stations.

The Gas widget has decided to pair up with the Gas Price Watch website, which gives the user much more access to data on gas prices in all of the US. This is a very good thing as one of the drawbacks of the last versions was that they did not always find lowest gas prices for you. Prices in Gas Price Watch are regularly updated and added. We did encounter a few bugs every now and then when searching by ZIP code though.

The widget offers a sleek interface and smooth animations, including a gas gauge to check the value of gas. It also offers a few different skins to choose from. Once you've located a gas station with the cheapest prices, you'll be able to view it on Google Maps. The Gas widget can also display prices according to your preferred gas grades and color code them by date.

The Gas widget is a nicely designed tool, which displays all the lowest gas prices in your area thanks to data from the Gas Price Watch site.

Gas 3.0 introduces the gas gauge: your tool for maximizing your savings with the Gas widget. Simply input your average miles per gallon and tank size, and let the gauge do the rest. As you adjust your fuel level with the slider, it graphically represents the amount remaining and indicates the number of miles you can drive on the tank you have. Then, based upon the currently selected station on the frontside, it reports the approximate cost to top-off the tank, and provides a value rating based upon the amount of gas you need and the regional average cost of gas. The further into the green the needle dips, the more value you're getting, and the more you save! If the change adds up, feel free to toss a few bucks from your savings our way; we really appreciate it when others show their appreciation for all our hard work!


  • Up to date gas prices, color coded by date and sorted by preferred grade
  • View all (and only) your preferred grades with multi-grade mode
  • Handy gas guage on backside indicates value
  • Links directly to Google Maps to locate your station of choice
  • Beautiful graphics, slick animations, and optional pole for your visual pleasure
  • Intuitive keyboard controls and scrollwheel support make finding the cheapest gas even easier
  • Unique preferences per instance give you maximum control

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Gas 3.1

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